April 18, 2010

7 more days!

I can't believe that we are already at the one week mark. All weekend John and I keep reminding each other of things...like (right now we would be doing our first dance, or eating cake...or being a little tipsy.) I am SOOOOO excited to see all my friends. I am so excited to show everyone just how amazing and awesome Charleston is.

Today was a special day in our wedding journey as we attended an early service for John's baptism. We are now both baptized and ready to receive all the grace that marriage offers.

Now...onto my finals (three by Wednesday) and then the guest will start pouring in. So grateful and happy I could literally burst.


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Christina said...

hi jeny! thanks for coming to my blog. happy wedding planning and congratulations :) where in charleston do you live? email me if you'd like: christinaorso@gmail.com. have a great day!