December 22, 2008

Three days and counting

OK - just a really quick post. I am counting down the time until we exchange gifts - only three more days now!!! Yippie!

Honestly, with the way things have been going for everyone this year, I am looking forward to a day of focusing on family and freinds (mostly family, since our freinds are all out of state) - and not thinking about work, the economy, and everything else that seems to have been tearing away at my insides and keeping me distracted.

Hurray for Christmas! :)

- John

December 17, 2008

Our Playlist, an accurate description of us.

Today John and I created a playlist. We each chose 6 songs that make us happy or express us as individuals. I will let you guess who chose what. You can check it out to the right on the sidebar. *if you aren't a fan you can always pause the music while you browse our site.