July 18, 2009

Simple Thoughts....

Well, we are half way through July - and moving closer to our vacation together! It's funny - I have been on a vacation for so long, I honestly couldn't really get a grip around the planning and details. Thankfully Jeny really pushed this, and took it on herself to get all the planning done! I can't wait!

BTW - where do the Actors for the Science Channel come from? Watching a special on Albert Einstein right now - and well...... let's just say I don't think we will be seeing any awards in their near future...

Also - I have created a new home page for us. www.johnandjeny.com is now a directory page to our various sites on the web. You will find links for this blog (johnandjeny.com without the www OR blog.johnandjeny.com), Jeny's blog, my blog (which I am AWFUL at keeping up with - hell just look at how many posts I have made on our combined (wow soon I will be saying FAMILY) blog! That has a nice ring to it. I might change it around in the future - but for now that is what it will be.

If you really want to read anything I post: http://johnetyler.blogspot.com/ is my blog.

Well - gotta get up and do some chores tomorrow, and I got up early this morning - so I bif you all good night!


July 10, 2009

Visit me (jeny) at my blog

Visit me at my new blog Today: begin is a journey.

July 2, 2009

I love swaps...do you?

I just signed up to participate in this swap!! How fun! Hurry though, sign ups end tomorrow.