October 28, 2008

iTunes Blues

So here it is - 9:52PM on a chilly Tuesday night - and I am pounding away cleaning up my iTunes library. You would think that by Version 8.1 - Apple would have figured out a way to integrate a utility into iTunes that would scan your files, detect duplicates, and ask if you would like to delete or keep it. But - I guess that feature would make to much sense - and it would deprived me of precious computer time......

Well - it's just a vexing problem, not like it is the end of the world or anything. And to tell the truth, I haven't really been the best at keeping my library clean anyways.... So here I am using iTunes Library Updater... which is taking forever....

Anyways - just wanted to share the love - and now back to my cleaning...

- John

October 25, 2008

welcome to our new blog

being silly series {hmmm...}, originally uploaded by jenypenny.

We are glad you stopped by.

Things are finally starting to settle down for us following our move to Charleston, SC. We almost have the whole house unpacked, pictures on the wall, and some patio furniture. The crazy Adams family yard is another story.

Check back often to keep up with our ordinary life, because we always have something new going on.

until then.
<3 jeny