December 22, 2008

Three days and counting

OK - just a really quick post. I am counting down the time until we exchange gifts - only three more days now!!! Yippie!

Honestly, with the way things have been going for everyone this year, I am looking forward to a day of focusing on family and freinds (mostly family, since our freinds are all out of state) - and not thinking about work, the economy, and everything else that seems to have been tearing away at my insides and keeping me distracted.

Hurray for Christmas! :)

- John

December 17, 2008

Our Playlist, an accurate description of us.

Today John and I created a playlist. We each chose 6 songs that make us happy or express us as individuals. I will let you guess who chose what. You can check it out to the right on the sidebar. *if you aren't a fan you can always pause the music while you browse our site.


November 19, 2008


WOW!!!!! Talk about a blast from the past. I have told Jeny of things I remember from my childhood - and things that I always had wanted. One of those items happens to be this!

Having been an Air Force brat, I lived all over the planet. One of the places we were stationed at in the 80's was Lindsey Air Station in Wiesbaden, West Germany. Yep - before reunification.... God, I am getting old. But I digress. When we lived in Germany - one of my favorite times of the year was right around Christmas. Over there, they know how to do Christmas.... In Wiesbaden, the entire downtown would be turned into a giant open air Christmas Market. I had my first taste of wine at one (Germany hot spiced wine) - which also led to the first time I ever got sick from drinking (thank god for the McDonalds that was there!).

One of the things at these markets that I always loved were these little incense burners. They are hand carved, and made into different figures. They are hollow on the inside, and designed to come apart, so that you can place an incense cone in the middle and put it back together. The mouth is carved out - and so when everything is lit, burning, and in one piece - it looks just like it is smoking! Well, needless to say, I never got one. For the last twenty five years or so, I have always tried to find one in the states with no luck.

Today Fed-Ex arrived at the house with a little box. Inside was this little guy all the way from Germany! I know, I am so spoiled!!!!

It's the small things in life that really make you smile! Thanks baby!!!!!


November 4, 2008

change and hope

(image credit Barack Obama for change
artwork by
Shepherd Fairey)

Tonight a republican boy and democratic girl watched anxiously united by change and hope...or "chope" as we have been referring to it. What an awesome example we are setting for the younger generations. The change is here and now the work begins.


November 3, 2008

What love looks like.

What love looks like.
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Today is a happy day.
Despite the dreary day outside; inside we are working hard, but comfy. You would think working from home we would see each other all day, but for the most part I see John once in the morning when he brings me my coffee and once in the afternoon when he delivers mail.

I am totally spoiled, I know.

Some days go by quick and others are more meandering. One constant is the crazy amount of time we spend on the phone. We both spend many, many, MANY hours on the phone. After 5PM neither of us our phone people...

These cupcakes were SUPER yummy, btw.
{cupcake love, Charleston}

<3 jeny

November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

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This was a simple night. We weren't sure what to expect on our first halloween at the new house. Bella and Moxie got dressed up (hotdog & spider) and Jess, John and I handed out candy.

So low key. Does this mean I am old? I sure hope not. :)

Until then.
<3 jeny

October 28, 2008

iTunes Blues

So here it is - 9:52PM on a chilly Tuesday night - and I am pounding away cleaning up my iTunes library. You would think that by Version 8.1 - Apple would have figured out a way to integrate a utility into iTunes that would scan your files, detect duplicates, and ask if you would like to delete or keep it. But - I guess that feature would make to much sense - and it would deprived me of precious computer time......

Well - it's just a vexing problem, not like it is the end of the world or anything. And to tell the truth, I haven't really been the best at keeping my library clean anyways.... So here I am using iTunes Library Updater... which is taking forever....

Anyways - just wanted to share the love - and now back to my cleaning...

- John

October 25, 2008

welcome to our new blog

being silly series {hmmm...}, originally uploaded by jenypenny.

We are glad you stopped by.

Things are finally starting to settle down for us following our move to Charleston, SC. We almost have the whole house unpacked, pictures on the wall, and some patio furniture. The crazy Adams family yard is another story.

Check back often to keep up with our ordinary life, because we always have something new going on.

until then.
<3 jeny